Baby Products Every Parent Needs

Baby Products Every Parent Needs

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Baby Products Every Parent Needs

Getting a head start on shopping for your baby is essential if the birth comes early. That’s why we’ve selected a list of accessories, items and products that your baby may need once they are in your arms.

Shopping for the birth of your baby will help you stay focused, rested and calmer when it comes to organising and preparing everything you need for your baby’s layette. However, keep in mind that this list is only a suggestion. We invite you to make your own and personalise it.

A list to do before the birth

– Disposable nappies (newborn size) or cloth nappies

– Wet wipes

– Cotton or woollen blanket (depending on the season)

– Beanie or hat (depending on the season)

– Socks

– Cotton bibs

– Cotton bodysuits

– Hospital discharge outfit (e.g., a closed front and open back outfit, a romper suit)

– Car seat. With a car seat cushion and seat belt.

Baby room shopping list

– Cot and mattress

– Cradle and mattress

– A colourful and cheerful mobile to hang over the cot

– Portable cot

– Changing table or cabinet

– Nappy holder

– Dresser or chest of drawers, preferably one that can function as a changing table

– Waste bin

– Simple, light-coloured decorations

Shopping list of bed and bath linen for the baby

The clothes should preferably be made of cotton, and it is best to wash them only with neutral soap (no softeners) to avoid possible allergies.

– 4 hooded towels

– Pillow and cushions for newborn

– 4 sets of sheets for the cot

– 2 sets of sheets for pram or carrycot

– One pillowcase

– One set of cot sheets and quilt

Shopping list for baby feeding products and utensils

– 12 bibs

– Milk suitable for your baby

– 6 glass or plastic bottles

– A sterilising kit (container and product)

– A bottle warmer

– An assortment of teats

– A brush for bottle and teat hygiene

Shopping list of items and products for the bathroom

– Neutral soap

– Eye-safe shampoo

– Packs of nappies for babies from 3 to 5kg

– Ointment for prevention of rashes

– Wet wipes

– Cotton wool balls

– Alcohol (70%)

– Sticks

– Comb or hairbrush

– Water thermometer

– Common thermometer

– Adhesive tape

– Round-tipped scissors for cutting nails

– Plastic tub

– Silk hairbrush

– A changing table

Shopping list of clothes for a living, sleeping and walking

List of things we need to take to the hospital before the baby is born

– 2 woollens (winter) or cotton (summer) hats or caps

– 6 pyjamas

– 6 outfits for going out

– Woollen or cotton slippers or booties and mittens (depending on the season)

– 6 pairs of socks

– 4 rompers

– 6 onesies

– 2 sacks

– nappies

– 2 pure new wool blankets

– 2 cotton blankets

– 1 yarn blanket

– Sets of walking clothes

Shopping list of equipment and items for strolling with your baby

– 1 bassinet

– 1 pushchair

– pram umbrella

– 1 bag for carrying changes, nappies etc.

– 1 sleeping bag

– Rattles and mobiles

– Dummies

Shopping for safety items for your baby

– Night light or plug-in lamp

– Video and sound intercom

There is no shortage of shopping for the baby’s birth, but if you do it in good time, it will be a lot of fun.

Mother’s (and father’s) preparations for childbirth

The mother and the father (if he will accompany her at the time of delivery) should also prepare for the time of delivery. For the day they have to go to the hospital to give birth to their baby to be calm, the best thing to do is to anticipate and leave bags and suitcases prepared weeks before the probable date of birth.

With this in mind, We have prepared a list of things you should not forget to bring to the hospital.

– Documentation (identity card, health care, etc.)

– Birth plan (if you have already prepared one with your doctor).

– Medical notes and tests

– Two nightdresses with a front opening to facilitate breastfeeding.

– Suitable bras for breastfeeding the baby

– Absorbent breastfeeding pads

– Nipple moisturiser

– Comfortable underwear

– Sanitary and hygienic wipes for heavy flow

– Comfortable gown or shawl

– Slippers or flip-flops, depending on the temperature

– Toiletries and personal hygiene items

– Body lotion or massage oil

– A pair of thick socks (in case it gets cold in the hospital)

– A comfortable set of clothes to wear when you leave the hospital

– Telephone and charger

Shopping for the father

– A couple of changes of comfortable clothes

– Toiletries and personal hygiene items

– Underwear

– Phone and charger

– Camera and charger

– Some snacks such as fruit, biscuits.

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