Benefits of Music for Babies

Benefits of Music for Babies

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Benefits of Music for Babies

Human beings, from birth, feel a kind of natural inclination towards melody and rhythm. That is not only in the psychological aspect but also in development. That’s why there are a lot of benefits of music for babies. Today we show them to you.
Benefits of music for babies

Studies show that babies can hear what is happening outside the womb from the sixth month of gestation. These ‘sounds’ are a distant, muffled echo in many cases. However, experts argue that the ‘softer’ classical music of Mozart, Liszt, Vivaldi or Chopin helps to soothe babies in the womb.

Contrary to what you might think, the amniotic fluid acts as a ‘booster’ for certain frequencies. It is part of prenatal stimulation. Hearing your voice also helps them feel secure. Just be careful not to overdo it with the volume.

In the first months, classical music can help your baby to sleep. In this sense, if they associate a piece familiar to them at bedtime, the process will be much easier for them. Remember that routines are very important for babies, even in their first weeks, so anything that helps them to ‘assimilate’ that bedtime is approaching repetitively, day after day, will allow them to calm down effectively.

Benefits of Music for Babies – music allows better brain development, helps babies control their breathing better, and contributes to normal heart rhythms. Likewise, when the baby is a little older, combining music with movement, clapping or repetitive gestures to imitate us will help his psychomotor development.

In the same way, it is easier and more fun for small children to imitate simple melodies, humming and babbling, trying to imitate what they are listening to. This stimulation is highly recommended in the pre-speech phase.

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