8 Best Activity Gym Options For Babies

8 Best Activity Gym Options For Babies

Choosing the best baby activity gym is a great idea because it is a credible product on hand and provides a safe environment for your baby to play. The products usually come with teething toys that help the baby develop different types of skills. They are also beneficial because they help babies develop strength around their neck and shoulders, motor skills, sound recognition and colour differentiation.

When choosing, be sure to look for safe, non-toxic materials because many available options contain toxic or harmful chemicals that can leach out or be ingested. Here’s a list of some of the best activity gyms for babies that are fun and safe for your little one.

Best activity gym options for babies with safe and non-toxic selections

Better overall:

 1. The Play Gym by Lovevery

The Play Gym by Lovevery

This product is designed to enhance your baby’s physical, cognitive, visual and motor Pskills. This is a comfortable mat that your baby can sit on while playing. It will help your child learn about focusing, creating sound. In addition, it will encourage their sensory exploration, colour identification as well as hiding and searching. It is also designed to prevent overstimulation. The play gym is suitable for children of different ages.

Comes with a guide of appropriate activities to promote motor and brain skills development. It also features removable accessories for stage learning, such as a teether. That means you can remove the accessory after your child has passed the stage. The product is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It is constructed from 100% baby-safe materials.

What I like about it:

  • Designed to help your baby develop holistically.
  • It can be converted into a play fort.
  • Safe and sustainable.
  • Comes with a play guide.

One thing to keep in mind:

  • Expensive.

Better All Natural:

2. little dove Baby Play Gym Wooden Baby Gym

little dove Baby Play Gym Wooden Baby Gym

This wooden baby gym is made of unfinished pine wood. The wood is sanded properly, so it is extremely smooth and safe for the baby. It does not contain any chemicals that can harm the baby. It has a natural colour that matches perfectly with most nurseries. The baby product comes with a hanging wooden ring, which acts as a teething ring for babies.

This design is giving your baby things to hold and manipulate to encourage early motor skills in babies. The product has a detachable design. That means you can change or add more toys to avoid monotony. When your baby is not using it, it can be very easy to assemble and fold away.

What I like about it:

  • Designed with your baby’s safety in mind.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Easy to assemble and fold.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is Versatile.

One thing to keep in mind:

  • Contains small parts that could trigger problems such as choking.

3. Wooden Baby Gym with 6 Wooden Baby Toys Foldable

Wooden Baby Gym with 6 Wooden Baby Toys Foldable

This baby gym is made of unfinished beech wood, which is sanded to make it smooth. Therefore, it does not contain any chemicals. It also comes with a hanging wooden ring that helps to encourage the development of motor skills in babies. Overall, it is the best high-quality product on the market at an affordable price. In addition, the wooden baby gum is designed so that it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. It would help if you no used any tools because it is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

The wooden baby gym has a detachable design. That means you can change the toys to suit your baby’s needs at different stages of development. 

What I like about it:

  • Very durable.
  • It can serve as a home decoration when not in use.
  • It’s easy to store because it folds up nicely and doesn’t take up much space.

One thing to keep in mind:

  • Not ideal for children older than three months.

Best with adjustable height:

4. HABA Color Fun Play Gym

HABA Color Fun Play Gym

This product features a simple screw mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the bar in a few seconds. This gym features colourful wooden discs on the side that playfully bang against each other, keeping your baby entertained and playing with their curiosity. It also features sliding wooden discs that stimulate the development of your baby’s motor skills by encouraging sideways rolling.

The baby gym is made of beech wood and birch plywood. It has plenty of space where you can add other toys according to the baby’s needs. The wooden baby gym also has a hanging wooden frog for the baby to reach.

What I like about it:

  • Encourages motor skill development and solid learning.
  • Easy to set up and adjust.
  • Very versatile.

One thing to keep in mind:

  • It’s slightly expensive.

Best for sensory development:

5. Skip Hop Baby Play Gym

Skip Hop Baby Play Gym

This baby play mat is designed to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch, sight and hearing. It includes developmental activities such as musical sheep toys that play a happy tune, a colourful star that lights up with LED technology, a cloud speaker, a bird rattle and a sun mirror that is safe for your baby.

The baby play mat is oversized to allow for comfort and movement. It is padded with multi-textured quilting to allow for the baby’s sensory development. This baby play mat comes with a cloud-shaped pillow for newborns and baby tummy time.

What I like about it:

  • Inflated and oversized to allow for extra comfort.
  • Comes with interactive toys.
  • Very comfortable for newborns.

One thing to keep in mind:

  • Dangling toys could be a choking hazard.

Better handmade:

6. Wooden Baby Play Gym

Wooden Baby Play Gym

That is one of the best handmade products on the market. It has a top bar and two sets of legs that detach when the product is shipped. The pieces are easy to attach, and you won’t need any tools for the process. The wooden baby gym is made without any harmful materials. It is made totally from natural pine wood.

That is a unique product that is made without using any machines. It comes with hanging rings for your baby to play with and have fun. It comes in a wide range of colours and patterns that add character to the piece.

What I like about it:

  • It has a unique design.
  • Made of baby-safe materials.
  • Easy to assemble.

One thing to keep in mind:

  • It is only available for purchase online.

Best for stomach time:

7. YasasinO Non-Toxic Play Mat

YasasinO Non-Toxic Play Mat

This playmat is made of GOTS-certified non-toxic organic cotton. It is, therefore, gentle and safe for your baby. The playmat has vibrant colours that help stimulate your baby’s brain development. Some of these colours include blue, yellow and red. 

The baby play gym allows your baby to move freely and comfortably because it features an extra-large design. It has a foldable design and comes with hanging accessories.

What I like about it:

  • Made with certified organic cotton.
  • Large and durable.
  • Washable.

One thing to keep in mind:

  • Not suitable for babies over three months old.

Best teepee game gym:

8. Skip Hop Baby Play Gym

Skip Hop Baby Play Gym

This activity centre has more than 17 developmental activities. They include a turtle mirror, a bear rattle, musical raccoons that light fireflies and a wooden teether. This product features musical elements that play the song ”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and is very easy to maintain. This product is machine washable. It can be easily cleaned in case of spills and dirt stains. It contains no chemicals and is safe for babies.

You can use a baby gym in four ways. It can be used overhead due to the hanging accessories. In addition, it can also be used for tummy time and seated play. In addition, it features an ideal texture that allows for your baby’s comfort.

What I like about it:

  • Easy to maintain.
  • It has a unique design.
  • It is attractive.

One thing to keep in mind:

  • It’s not very durable.

How to choose the best baby gym?

There is a wide range of activity and play gyms for babies that include baby exersaucer. Please consider the following elements when choosing the best one.

Ease of cleaning: Please keep in mind that children always put toys in their mouths. Therefore, you need a product that is easy to clean so that your baby does not get infections. 

Ease of assembly: Another important factor to consider is how easy the product is to set up. You want a product that you can assemble and disassemble effortlessly and without using any tools.

Size: A folding gym is always a good option because you can fold it up and store it when not in use. Product size depends on the age, size or height of your baby. You may consider the amount of space you have at home. 

Detachable toys: You can consider a playpen with detachable toys, so you can remove them for cleaning and replace them with new ones in case of breakage or when you need to install new ones.

Durability and cost: You may also want a product that will last a long time and fit your budgetary needs.

Safety: When choosing any baby product, consider one that is not a choking hazard for your baby, and choose one made of baby-safe materials. 

Importance of choosing an item with safe and non-toxic material

Some other baby products and baby play gyms are often contained chemicals. These react with elements such as moisture to produce harmful toxins.

When the baby comes into contact with them (either orally or physically), they can cause harmful effects such as infections and allergic reactions. Therefore, they must be natural, non-toxic products for your baby.

The final result

Each of the products mentioned above is an excellent choice. Apart from activity gyms, you may also want to check out baby activity tables or activity centres, which perform similar functions to these.

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