Evenflo Car Seat Buying Guide

Evenflo Car Seat Buying Guide

If you are looking for a buying guide for your Evenflo brand baby car seat, you are in the right place. You will find the most popular Evenflo car seat models. Ratings on each baby chair, descriptions, video of how to use them. And information about this world-leading brand in baby goods.

Evenflo car seat comparison chart by price

Prices have a variation, and many factors are considered to determine them. The following table will help you choose between them.

The best Evenflo brand car seats

Evenflo Infant Car Seat Type
Important recommendation before choosing an Evenflo car seat. Know what age and weight the car seat supports, as this depends on the use that will be given to it. Four types of car seats will be used depending on the growth of your baby:
– Infant
– Convertible
– Booster
– All in one

The Evenflo baby seat can be used from newborn or 2.2 kilograms to 12 kilograms. The seat is placed facing backwards since the baby does not support his head, neck and back.


This Evenflo car seat can be used as a newborn or 2.2 kg and up to 18 or 32 kg, depending on the car seat model. It deals with looking back in the first stage and facing when the child is already with more force the head, neck and back.

Convertible car seats type:


The Booster car seat is the last stage of use since it is for children who measure more than 90 centimetres and up to 1 meter 45 centimetres in height. Some models are fastened with the car seat belt, and the main function is to give the child height so that the seat belt passes through the correct parts of the body. He is always looking forward.

If you want to know more about these types of car seats, visit AMP Booster baby car seat.

Frequent questions

How to Identify certifications of the Evenflo car seat?

It is important to identify the certification with which the performance has since everyone can say they are certified. However, Evenflo has North American certifications on all its seating platforms, which are the most demanding in the world.

How to know the expiration date of a baby seat?

Something very important is the expiration date of the seat since the main material is plastic, with which the car begins to be exposed to humidity and the heat deteriorates.

Every car seat must have a label that shows the date of manufacture and expiration date. Since if you are outside the indicated dates, the car seat did not fulfil the main function is to protect your child.

Since if you are outside the indicated dates, the car seat did not fulfil the main function is to protect your child. Reviewing these 3 elements when choosing a seat guarantees your child’s safety and peace of mind you.

Can the Evenflo car seat be used for babies a few weeks old?

Evenflo Infant models can be worn from newborn to 2.2 kilograms to 12 kilograms.

How to choose an Evenflo brand baby seat?

In the following video, you will find recommendations made by the Evenflo car seat team.

The use of a car seat is essential for children’s lives, and we must remember that seat belts were not designed for people under one meter and 45 in height. All children must always be seated and adjusted to another seat according to their age, height and weight.

How to install Evenflo Car Seat?

The installation of the Evenflo infant car seat is of the utmost importance so that it fulfils the function of protecting what you love the most: your children. We will see how to install the car seat in a few steps. Place the safety harness over your shoulders, hips, and chest.

In this way, your child is properly supported while allowing him movement. Accommodate the headboard. Adjust the position according to the age of the child. Locate the car seat’s anchoring system and connect both anchors, pressing hard on the upper part. Done, your Evenflo car seat is installed.

The third point is to check the top of the head. Adjust by tugging. If your car does not have an anchoring system, do not worry, you can install the seat with the seat belt. You must pass it through the holes at the bottom and adjust the car belt. For a better explanation, see the video.

The company

The Evenflo company began building strollers, which they used to call strollers. In those days, the only people who could compare their products were royalty. At the beginning of the century, William Kent built the first stroller, and it was curious because its design was made to be pulled by a cute pony.

After Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, he will wear and show with his stroller made him famous. From 1840.

William Richardson’s, in 1889, designed and created the first modern stroller with independent wheels and reversible bassinet (also known as a bassinet and made of wicker). At the end of the century, strollers were marketed at prices that middle-class families could afford.

Currently, Evenflo is a brand of the company Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. They are committed to providing baby products offering safety and improving childhood. In general, they want to help mothers improve their children’s health and well-being during the development of the infant.

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