The 6 Best Hiking Backpacks for Babies: Best Organic Hiking Carrier

The 6 Best Hiking Backpacks for Babies: Best Organic Hiking Carrier

Have you noticed anything about habits? When you start one very young, he becomes so ingrained in your psyche that you love him your whole life. Hiking is like that for me. I’ve loved it since I was half a meter tall. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to build a love for the outdoors in my little ones. I learned that you could start as soon as your child meets the age and size requirements for an organic hiking carrier, basically from birth!

Since I was little, my love of travelling and exploring often got me into trouble. I loved climbing trees, hills, rooftops, and just about anything else I could get my feet on. Well-meaning friends advised me that I would have to put travel, hikes, and outdoor adventures aside once I was pregnant. For about ten years or so. Well, I don’t think so.

That’s when I started looking outside for inspiration from parents who didn’t sacrifice their dreams, but in fact, instilled it as a lifestyle choice. This search led me to search for the best organic walking carrier out there. I looked at options that are non-toxic and contain no chemicals and found the best walking carrier that I shortlisted below.

Finding the best organic hiking carrier will largely depend on your circumstances, such as budget, your child’s age, and how often you’ll be wearing it, but here’s a look at the best hiking carriers in every price range and category.

Our best picks

The 6 Best Hiking Carrier Backpacks for Babies

Best overall:

1. Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier

The Osprey Poco Baby Carrier is the best baby hiking backpack for outdoors habits. Material is made of nylon, and the mesh makes it solid and durable. It has seven pockets, some zippered and some mesh, giving you ample space to store and organize food, and other supplies, including a large bottom pocket for bulkier items. Besides, it includes a removable backpack that another adult or child can use. The ample padding in the cabin, where your baby travels, provides a comfortable ride is excellent. You can find out, and It is one of the best baby backpacks out there. If you want to compare Deuter Kid Comfort to Osprey Poco, read on.

What I like about this: 

  • On-the-fly adjustable hip straps (allow for a precise fit)
  • A built-in umbrella is easy to store 
  • Stirrups for children’s comfort 
  • Built-in changer won’t get lost 
  • Lifetime warranty

Something to have in mind: 

  • Adjusting your torso length can be difficult

Additional Specifications: 

  • Maximum load: 48 pounds (child, gear, and backpack combined)
  • Package Weight: 7lb 9oz 
  • 1404 cu. in. load capacity 
  • Parasol made with 100% recyclable and non-toxic materials.
  • Age Range: 6 months to over three years

Best feature rich:

2. Deuter Kid Comfort III Framed Hiking Child Carrier for Infants and Toddlers

The Deuter Kid Comfort Baby Carrier is aptly named as it offers excellent adjustability for your child’s comfort. With the height-adjustable footrest and headrest, the fit is genuinely snug. I especially like the footrest because those tiny feet don’t fall asleep while hiking. The kickstand will make an audible sound, so you must know it is correctly locked in place before you drop your child off. A built-in umbrella can be stored in the headrest when you don’t need it. When we compare the Deuter Kid Comfort vs Osprey Poco Premium for the best child carrier, they both come out the neck to neck.

What I like about this: 

  • Foot, head, seat adjustability for maximum driver comfort 
  • The removable and washable chin pad 
  • Good ventilation for the rider and the user. 
  • One of the best hiking backpacks for babies and has a built-in umbrella.

Something to have in mind: 

  • High headrest 
  • Kickstand occasionally opens when in use

Additional Specifications: 

  • Package weight: 7 pounds, 10 ounces 
  • Volume: 1100cuin / 18L 
  • Self-report your carriers to be flame retardant free

Best value:

3. Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier

While the Chicco hiking backpack carrier is not as compact or stylish as other designs, it has all the necessary features and suspension systems for a smooth ride. A height-adjustable padded seat allows your child to feel comfortable in this hiking rack. It is a great organic baby carrier for light walks. The better adjusted the seat is, the less the child moves, the easier it will be to carry them. It is comfortable for the user and the cyclist and a tremendous overall hiking carrier for a baby or toddler.

What I like about this: 

  • Stability, especially when standing for easy loading and unloading 
  • Fully adjustable and folds flat for compact storage and transport

Something to have in mind: 

  • The umbrella does not provide complete protection 
  • The rider’s feet stick out to the sides 
  • A drooling pad might be helpful for smaller babies

Additional Specifications: 

  • Weight: 6.5 lbs. 
  • The child’s weight must be between 17 pounds. and 40 lbs. (approximately six months to 36 months) 
  • However, note that the Chicco hiking backpack carrier reported the use of flame retardant at the time of writing (although it is a safer flame retardant)

Best organic carrier for serious hikers:

4. Kelty Journey Perfectfit Child Carrier

Pathfinder Baby Hiking Backpack is designed with a severe hiker in mind. This is not your average carrier. And it has ample storage space for diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials. You can found that both men and women can wear it comfortably, and it is easy to adjust to the user’s body type. The adjustable seat height and safety leg straps provide a comfortable and safe ride for the child. Overall, it’s an excellent option for trips and longer trips.

What I like about this: 

  • It easily adjusts to the user 
  • Good interior padding for the rider 
  • View mirror 
  • Durability 

Something to have in mind: 

  • The umbrella does not provide side protection 
  • Older / older children can be difficult to carry

Additional Specifications: 

  • Maximum weight load (child + gear + package): 50 pounds 
  • A Child Weight: Minimum 16 lbs / 7.3 kg; Maximum: 40 pounds
  • Volume: 1300 in3 / 21 L 
  • Weight: 7 lb 10 oz 
  • Material: polyester 

Best Soft Carrier for Hiking:

5. Boba Baby Carrier Classic 4GS

4GS is a soft carrier for hiking because it has the right combination of features with the soft 100% cotton fabric. This baby backpack is sturdy and stable enough for gardening or a day hike. The removable sleeping hood and foot straps allow you to make the adjustments you need for comfort. If you don’t need them, they can be stored out of the way. However, this may not be the best hiking baby carrier for little moms, but it is one of the best baby carriers for newborns.

What I like about this: 

  • Machine washable 
  • It can be used for breastfeeding 
  • Easy to adjust 
  • Multiple adjustments allow for a custom fit

Something to have in mind: 

  • The fit is inconvenient for adults under 5 ′ 2 ″

Something to have in mind: 

  • Child weight range: 7 to 45 pounds. 
  • For adults 5’2 ″ – 6’3 ″ 
  • 100% cotton for the Classic collection 
  • Carrier Weight: 2 lbs. 

Best Toddler / Older Child Carrier Standing:

6. Piggyback Rider SCOUT model – Child Toddler Carrier Backpack for Hiking Trails

Piggyback is a harness with a rear frame that allows your older child to piggyback while attached to their back. Made of climbing gear components, this framed carrier has four handles and an adjustable non-slip grab bar. The user harness distributes weight evenly and can be adjusted to fit most adults. As the best infant/toddler carrier, the Piggyback offers the safety and stability to handle heavier children over rough terrain, making it arguably the best toddler carrier for older children.

What I like about this: 

  • Portability 
  • Compact 
  • Allows older children to experience more difficult trails

Something to have in mind: 

  • The pressure may be on the user’s shoulders. 
  • Tall children can be difficult to carry 
  • Quick movements can unbalance the user 
  • You need to buy a separate rain cover for wet climbs

Additional Specifications: 

  • Weighs less than 3 pounds. 
  • 60-pound child weight capacity. 
  • Ideal for children ages 2 ½ + up to 6 years 
  • The Piggyback Rider® has met or exceeded all required consumer product regulations for the US, Canada, EU, Australia, and New Zealand. 
  • All materials are the highest quality climbing buckles and polypropylene webbing.

What features in a hiking baby carrier we must to know

We need to know the best baby backpack carriers for hiking, there are some essential features to consider when making your choice:

Some carriers have high headrests so can make it challenging to navigate low branches or bushes.

Fasteners and harness:
A five-point harness system is the safest. Some harnesses come with tangle-free features for easy unloading and loading.

Fabric and padding:
The carrier provides a very comfortable fit for both the rider and the user. Please note that you may want to look for non-toxic materials for your child’s safety as they may chew or suck on the carrier.

It is easy to open and lock in place for safety, and It should also close snugly against the carrier so it won’t snag on anything while walking. Even with a kickstand, please do not leave your child on a page unsupervised, as they can easily tip over.

Leg openings:
The openings should be small enough that your child does not slide out but large enough that his circulation is not adversely affected. Some wearers have adjustable leg openings for a better fit.

Shoulder, waist and chest straps:
Sufficient padding is a must for all-day comfort. The adjustable straps will help keep the weight on your hips, and the shoulder straps will help stabilize the movement. A chest or sternum strap should keep the shoulder straps in place, so they don’t slip.

If you take long day walks, storage will be necessary. Under-seat storage compartments and removable day packs will give you the most space, while models with lots of pockets help keep baby supplies organized.

Weather Shield:
To truly enjoy the outdoors, your child must be comfortable and protected from the weather. Integrated rain covers and curtains are easier to store and use. Please make sure the shade protects the child from all directions, including the sides.

The final result

Baby carriers come in all forms, shapes and sizes, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the wearer and the height and size of the child, you may want to choose one that is suitable for you. Be aware that children tend to chew on the pieces, especially when they are small enough to fit in a carrier. You will not be watching them at all times as they are most likely riding on your back. Due to this reason, I highly recommend that you ensure that all materials used to make your carrier are free of chemicals to ensure your child’s well-being. All the options listed above are non-toxic and safe.

Our favourite is the Poco Premium, but it burns the budget a bit. If you are looking for a pocket-sized baby carrier, the Chicco is an excellent option as it is sturdy and inexpensive, even though it is not as durable and high quality as the Poco.

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