Baby car seats, or infant car seats, is a product that will guarantee the safety of your children. It could even save their lives.

Before buying your baby car seat in Walmart stores or online through Amazon, we invite you to read the reviews, comparative tables or even share your question. It will be useful as a guide to choosing the baby car seat that best suits your budget and needs. Know the differences between models available on the market. Find the right seat for you, but mainly for your child among all car seats for babies.

Best car seats for babies

If you want to know the characteristics of baby seats, consult the guide to choose the type of car seat that best suits your needs.

Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car SeatChicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat$299.99

This infant car seat features soft-close padding that is machine washable for comfort. Installation is remarkably easy, with a 9-position ReclineSure levelling system, SuperCinch LATCH Tightener and LockSure seat belt-tightening system.

Superior DuoGuard protection, with a deep rigid shell, has EPS energy-absorbing foam and a frame reinforced with steel.

Accommodates infants and toddlers at varying stages of growth with a removable newborn infant positioner, no-rethread harness, 9-position headrest, and easy transition from rear-facing to forward-facing.

Includes dishwasher-safe, space-saving Cup Folder.

Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat, Shadow

NextFit Sport is perfect for transporting children from 5.5 Kg to 30 Kg. It is designed with innovative qualities that make it easy to install the car seat.

Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat, ShadowChicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat, Shadow $249.99

It has a comfortable and secure fit harness, with 5 points of contact: head, chest, shoulders, hips and crotch. It has nine recline positions and nine headboard heights that can be adjusted with one hand.

  • Reversing: During the first stage, for babies up to 18 kg
  • Converts for older children up to 30kg
  • It has nine headboard heights that can be easily and smoothly changed with one hand
  • 9 recline options for better adaptation in a wider range of vehicles
  • The harness can be easily adjusted to adapt as your baby grows.

Chicco KidFit Zip Air Plus 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat

This chair has a high reinforced backrest, designed for the growth of children, a reinforcement for children with zip air Plus 2 in 1 closure.

It has premium features like an innovative quick-release LATCH and 3D air Mesh channels throughout the seat and backrest for increased air circulation. These features and more combine to fit the child into zip air Plus, one of the most comfortable, reliable and user-friendly booster seats.

KidFit zip air Plus includes 3D air mesh channels throughout the backrest and seat for increased air circulation where children need it most.

The extra padding features a convenient zippered design, making them easy to remove for cleaning. All fabrics, including armrest covers, are removable and machine washable.

What is the best baby car seat?

The best car seat for baby is from the Evenflo brand for its characteristics:

  • It is an all-in-one car seat, that is: it is an Infant, convertible and also booster model
  • Has multiple recline positions with a front adjustment
  • It adjusts with a shoulder harness. We simply slide it and adjust it to any height
  • 50% safer in the event of a side impact
  • It has a fast and reliable mounting system, SureLATCH Safety in 60 seconds; Simply Click, Click and Push for a super-fast, super-snug installation of the seat to the vehicle 
Product ImageProduct NamePrice
Symphony DLX All-in-One Car Seat, OcalaEvenflo Symphony DLX All-in-One Car Seat, Ocala$206.06

What are baby car seats?

It is a chair or seat made specifically for babies and children who share moments with their parents while travelling in the car. They have the functionality of being used in two different ways, like a forward-facing seat; or backwards. The latter is the most used. They are designed to fit a wide range of sizes and weights.

For what age are baby seats appropriate?

Most chairs are designed for use with babies as low as eight pounds. From here, they adapt until your child weighs between 18 and 20 kilos or a height of approximately one meter.

It all depends on the model and brand. For example, a seat that supports a maximum weight of 20 kilos can be used from birth to 4 years of age, while other models will support the weight of a 7-year-old child.

Do I need a child car seat?

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles these days. So most parents choose to use baby seats. Simply for convenience. The seats are removable, and they are easily removed from the car. Some models are hooked to a stroller due to their removable base.

While, in terms of safety, baby seats offer protection when travelling with children. It is necessary to take into account, to guarantee safety, the baby or child must comply with the minimum weight and use the seat correctly. The most advisable thing for a newborn is to travel with the mother. Sometimes there will be no option. For these situations, there are adaptations for the newborn.

How long should my child stay in a rear-facing seat?

One of the frequent recommendations made by manufacturers is to use the seat so that the baby can see the rear seats of the vehicle. Backward. The seats support a predetermined weight. If your child exceeds this weight, he should position it so that the baby looks at the front of the car.

In general, it is recommended that parents maintain the position of the chair while travelling, facing backwards, until the child’s two years of age.

It is safest for children to stay in that position until the rear-facing weight limit of their seat is reached. Of course, it all depends on the growth of your child and the chair he chooses.

Is it good to buy a used or second-hand chair?

It is possible to purchase a used chair. Although it all depends, a preliminary review is required. The chair must be in good condition. It must be observed before the entire structure, and there must be no damage. If the chair suffered a fall, it could have been damaged, and, likely, it will not fulfil its function in an accident.

Seat materials are designed to protect for a period of time (6 to 8 years). They have a usability date determined by the manufacturer.

Often the user manual is not kept, which is useful for proper handling. One thing to watch out for is whether you have the accessories. Are important.

Family members usually leave their chairs in good condition. It is an opportunity to save money.

It is personal criteria to acquire a used chair or receive one from a friend or family member. I think that many times, the news is better when the products have to do with safety. Recent models have the advantage of thoughtful improvements, as well as designs to suit every lifestyle.

What is the safest baby car seat?

Although, so far, there are no specific regulations on how to use baby seats and their safety in Latin American countries. So recommendations of rules in the US will be considered to apply them to your consideration.

For safety issues, it isn’t easy to rate on a 5-star scale. You can say that it is safe or not. If the car seat is available for sale, it means it has exceeded current crash safety standards

Besides, as it is known, “the safest car seat is one that is used correctly”. Some seats are easier to adjust than others.

On the other hand, “ease of use” classifications can be established. They can be on a 5-star scale, related to labels, instructions, installation features and ease of use.

Consider the following features before buying your baby car seat

  • It’s easy to use. It can be easily mounted to the car. Secure the baby. It should include a written instruction manual.
  • They are removable from their base. The seat is easily attached and removed from the base just by fastening the belt.
  • Has accessories, for example, adjustable feet for proper recline. They have level indicators like a bubble that shows the degrees of inclination.
  • It is easy to adjust. Your child will grow; a good chair adjusts to his height during his development by moving the straps and the head support. Practical models allow you to adjust the safety straps with just one hand.
  • It has a lower anchor system and child restraint straps (LATCH). Chairs are currently manufactured with this system.
  • There are two types of LATCH connectors: fixed with a flexible strip inserted into the chair, and rigid connectors, come out directly from the back of the chair. The rigid connector is considered the easiest to use.
  • This system fixes the seat directly to the car without using the seat belt.
  • It is easy to clean. It must have a removable cover to be able to wash it.
  • It is comfortable. It has well-padded pillows and good head support.
  • Absorbs side impacts. These seats are made with a special shock-absorbing foam. They are designed to better protect your baby’s head and chest in the event of a side blow.

Recommendations for using Booster car seats

Here are some basic tips for installing and using a Booster High Back Booster Seat. It is advisable to use the car seat facing forward until the child exceeds the weight limit.

There are two types of backless and high-back booster seats.

Use the Booster seat when the vehicle seat is low; this type of seat can be used from the vehicle’s seat belt, making sure to place it on the strongest parts of the child’s body, checking the position of the head and back.

Before you start using the seat, read the instruction manual for the car seat—especially the section on child restraint systems, since all car seats and vehicles are different.

You must follow the instructions strictly. Place the booster seat in the back seat of your vehicle, seat your son or daughter and take advantage of the seat belt. Take care that the seat belt fits and passes across the shoulder, chest, and lap across the upper legs.

If the Booster car seat comes with seat belt guides, use them to achieve good seat positioning. Everything will be ready for family travel.

Continue to use the booster seat until the child is grown and mature enough to use the adult seat belt properly.

IsoFix car seat safety system

This well-known system is advantageous to install the chair in the car without complications correctly.

The system offers connection points that place the chair directly to the car seat, reducing the probability of accidents caused to the baby’s neck. Essentially it is recommended for newborns.

Before purchasing the car seat, it is necessary to verify if the car is compatible with this system.

So far, three types of IsoFix systems are known.

  • Universal  
  • Semi-universal  
  • Factory depending on the brand of the car