The Best Portable Baby Swings for On-the-Go Comfort
Best Portable Baby Swings

The Best Portable Baby Swings for On-the-Go Comfort

Experience unmatched convenience with our selection of the best portable baby swings. Designed for on-the-go comfort, these swings offer a blend of safety, portability, and soothing features, ensuring a delightful experience for both parent and baby wherever the adventure takes you.

Do you want an alternative space to the cot or pushchair for your baby to rest and spend time at home? Baby swings are the ideal product for this. In addition to calming your baby thanks to their swinging movement, some models include toys that will attract the little one’s attention. This will make them smile.We show you the best baby swings, explain the different types and give you some tips on how to choose the best one for your little one.

The Best Portable Baby Swings

Ingenuity Compact Lightweight Portable Baby Swing

Ingenuity Compact Lightweight Portable Baby Swing
Ingenuity Compact Lightweight Portable Baby Swing

We start our selection with the Abernathy swing by Ingenuity. If there is one thing that makes this swing stand out, it is its portability. This is i.e. how easy it is to move it from one place to another. There are three reasons for this: its light weight (3.22 kg), the fact that it works with batteries or plugged into the mains, and the fact that it folds up.

In short, the Ingenuity Abernathy swing can be used in different parts of the house, but you can also take it with you when traveling. What more could you ask for?

This swing has 5 automatic swinging speeds, that is to say, you will not have to move it, but you can also block the movement so that it does not swing.

Also, in the foot area, underneath the chair, there is a small box that vibrates during this part of the swing. However, the vibration can be annoying for some babies.

The 5-point harness and non-slip feet guarantee baby’s safety. Comfort is also assured thanks to the ultra-soft seat cushion and the extra head support that can be removed when the baby no longer needs it.

The Ingenuity Abernathy rocker also plays soft music and nature sounds. It even allows you to select the melody of your choice. The problem is that, instead of always playing the same one, when the one you choose is over, another one starts. This can even have a completely different rhythm.

If the idea is to play music while your baby is awake, that is great. But what if you want them to nap? You select a relaxing song and when your baby is about to fall asleep, a song with rhythm jumps out and the nap is over!

The swing also has a ring from which hang 2 soft dolls in pale colours. They have a face on one side only and which do not make any sound or have any special texture. In other words, they are not very stimulating for a baby.

The aspect we like least about this swing is that the chair only has one position, lying down. It is true that from the 5th month onwards, babies do not like to spend too much time lying down, they prefer to observe the world around them.

This swing can be used from birth until the baby reaches 9 kilos.

  • Totally portable. Ideal for travel
  • Folds flat
  • Works with batteries or plugged into the mains.
  • With melodies. You can choose the one you want
  • Bow with two soft toys
  • Very low noise
  • The melody of your choice is not played in a loop, but is played once and then changed.
  • The chair has only one position: lying down.
  • Soft, unstimulating soft toys

Portable Baby Swing

Ingenuity SimpleComfort Lightweight

Ingenuity SimpleComfort Lightweight
Ingenuity SimpleComfort Lightweight

We continue our selection with the SimpleComfort swing by Ingenuity. If there is one thing that makes this swing stand out, it is its versatility. For example, it swings in 3 different directions and the seat swivels up to 180º so you can see your baby at all times.

This swing has 6 automatic swing speeds that remain consistent, even as your baby grows, thanks to TrueSpeed technology.

The most interesting thing about the rocker is that it is programmable. That is, thanks to its timer we can make the swing move at a certain speed for a specific time (30, 45 or 60 minutes). The only thing is that this requires it to be plugged into the mains, which limits the place it can be placed.

Although this swing is not as “portable” as the previous one, the truth is that it has several details that make it easy to move it from one place to another in the house. For example, it has built-in wheels and a practical push handle. However, it doesn’t fold up and run on batteries, so it’s not a suitable model to take with you on a trip.

It has 8 melodies, 3 nature sounds and white noise, whose volume can be adjusted. It also vibrates in the foot area, although some babies may find it annoying.

The 4-point harness ensures baby’s safety and all fabrics are soft and extremely plush for comfort. In addition, there is extra head support that can be removed when baby no longer needs it. The seat pad is removable and machine washable.

This rocking chair works with batteries or plugged into the mains, although with batteries only the vibrator on the feet functions. The chair itself only works when plugged into the mains.

Like the previous model, this one also has a ring from which hang 2 soft dolls in pale colours. However, they are a little less than those of the Abernathy model.

The SimpleComfort model corrects the aspect we liked least about the Abernathy model as the chair is adjustable in 2 positions.

This swing can be used from birth until the baby reaches 9 kilos.

  • Swings in 3 different directions and the seat swivels up to 180º.
  • Programmable swing
  • Adjustable chair in two positions
  • Has built-in wheels and a practical push handle
  • Music with adjustable volume
  • Arch with two soft toys
  • Very low noise
  • Solid and sturdy structure
  • The swing itself only works on mains power.
  • Does not fold up
  • Soft dolls not very stimulating for the baby
  • Audio only

Portable Baby Swing
Portable Baby Swing

Bright Starts Portable Automatic 6-Speed Baby Swing

Bright Starts Portable Automatic 6-speed Baby Swing
Bright Starts Portable Automatic 6-speed Baby Swing

The Bright-Stars Safari Smiles swing is a fun swing full of colours and jungle animals. It is lightweight (4.54 kg) and foldable, so you can take it anywhere you want, even when travelling. And because it folds up, it takes up a very small space at home.

The seesaw has 6 speeds and, thanks to TrueSpeed technology, maintains a constant speed regardless of the child’s weight. It stops automatically after 30 minutes.

It does not have any melody or sound, although it has a removable arch with two hanging hard figures, a small bird and an elephant.

Its seat reclines in two positions (90º and 180º) and is approved for newborns up to 9 kg.

  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Two-position reclining chair
  • Automatic stop after 30 minutes
  • Mobile with two soft toys
  • No melodies or sounds
  • Only works on mains power supply

Portable Baby Swing

Buying guide: Which baby swing to buy?

Baby swings can help mums and dads during the first 9 months of a baby’s life, when they need more arms and contact. There is no swing comparable to the arms. However, it is true that there are times when rest is necessary and for those moments there are these types of swings.

What are the advantages of a baby swing?

A baby swing can soothe a baby during the first months of life. The vibration, white noise or nature sounds that most models on the market include help babies fall asleep and relax if they are very active.

They also often come with hanging toys with which they can interact and stimulate their cognitive development. Spending time looking at hanging mobiles or dolls of different colours is an attractive and enriching activity. Their field of vision is very limited until 6 months old and this type of stimulus is very appropriate at this stage of development.

For families, having this type of swing is very reassuring, as they are safe spaces where the baby is protected and can also be seen continuously. One of the most useful times to use a swing is when the mother or caregiver has to use to the bathroom, take a shower or cook. This is when it is most valuable to have this type of swing at home.

Factors to consider when buying a baby swing?

The swings rock babies weighing between 0 and 9 kg. When you have in front of you the model of baby swing you want to buy, analyse the maximum weight it can support. This is in order not to face any accident.

In addition, we should also remember the following features:

Safety belt

When we talk about a product related to childcare, it is vital that we focus on analysing its safety level. The baby swing should have shoulder straps and a safety belt so that the child can avoid falling out once it is in use.

We also need to make sure that these straps are of the highest possible quality, to ensure that they will stand the test of time without any problems.

Removable cover

The baby will drool, and may spill milk or pee. That’s why we need to look for a baby swing with a removable seat cover; this way, the moment an accident happens, it’s as easy as removing the cover, putting it in the wash, and that’s it.

If it does not have a cover (i.e. if it is all part of the seat itself), it is very likely that we will have problems removing the stains, and they will not be completely removed.


Many baby swing models on the market have a reclining seat, which is highly recommended option. The more it reclines the better, as the baby will be much more comfortable when it goes to sleep.

You should make sure the seat is padded.

Types of baby swings

In addition to the traditional classification between indoor and outdoor swings, there are different types of swings depending on the type of movement or swing they perform. We show them below.

  • Aerial swing: This is normally a very strong metal structure from which two ropes hang with a harness that holds the child and moves him/her like a pendulum. With this type of swing, care must be taken to ensure that the baby does not bump into walls or objects.

  • With natural swings: These swings work with the impulse we want to give them. We activate the swing and then it is the movement’s inertia that continues that trend.

  • Rocker with support: This type of rocker is usually the most sold. It consists of a seat (usually with a safety belt) anchored to a foot that rocks. The movement is not jerky at all, but smooth.

  • Automatic swing: These are the most innovative. They have different swing modes and speeds. In fact, many models detect if the child has fallen asleep to stop swinging.

How to choose a baby swing?

It is very important to consider some aspects of the swing to ensure your baby’s safety. Bear in mind that you will leave your baby in a place that moves on its own, so before buying a baby swing, pay attention to the following:

  • That the swing is gentle: Think that it should be a device in which the baby feels comfortable, so a sudden swing could be annoying for him.

  • Proper reclining position: If you are planning to use it for a newborn baby, you should make sure that it has the right recline for him, and that he is not lying down or sitting completely.

  • Safety belt: It is important that it includes a five-point harness or a simple safety belt, as babies move uncontrollably and could fall out of the swing at any time.

  • Comfortable seat: Just as the support should be rigid and sturdy, the seat should be comfortable and without hard, sharp edges that could be dangerous for the child.

  • Maximum recommended weight: Always look at the maximum weight recommended by the swing manufacturer and make sure it is suitable for your baby.

However, even if the swing you buy has all these features, keep an eye on your baby at all times.

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