What are the best baby muslins?

What are the best baby muslins?

Although the oldest cotton thread, of which there is evidence is more than three thousand years old and comes from the region now known as Pakistan, the cultivation of this plant for textile purposes is attributed to India.

The characteristics of the fibres surrounding the cotton seeds allow them to be spun into fine or coarse wefts. These yarns are used to make fabrics as strong as those used for carpets or parachutes and exquisite costumes or baby clothes.

One of these garments that is currently in vogue in our homes is the so-called baby muslin. If you are thinking about adding it to your baby’s wardrobe, keep reading because we will give you all the information you need to choose the one that suits you best.

Baby muslin is a very fine, transparent fabric made of cotton and bamboo. Its softness, open weave, elasticity and transparency make it ideal for baby textiles.

Despite its delicate appearance, it is a hard-wearing fabric that becomes softer with each wash without losing firmness or strength. The largest baby muslins are usually square, 120 by 120 centimetres.

Muslin is highly breathable and thermo-regulating. It can be used all year round but is ideal for summer as its characteristics keep the baby cooler and more comfortable during the warmer months.

Advantages of baby muslin

There are many advantages to using muslin for baby care. Here are just a few of them:

  • It is a soft, gentle and hypoallergenic fabric. Ideal for contact with baby’s skin.
  • Muslin fibres work as a thermoregulator. They are warm and help to maintain the baby’s body temperature when it is cold. In addition, its breathability prevents rashes and irritations in hot weather.
  • It is versatile as it can wrap the baby, protect them from the sun, use it as a changing mat, play surface, etc.
  • The lightness of the baby muslin fabric makes them very light, so when folded, they take up little space. They fit anywhere, even in your handbag.
  • Ideal for swaddling baby during the first few months. It’s a great way to help your baby sleep better.
  • They are very absorbent and can be used as an emergency towel or dry your baby after a nappy change to prevent nappy rash.
  • Despite its softness, the muslin is very resistant to washing. You can put it in the washing machine without any problem. Its texture improves with each wash.

Where can I buy a muslin?

You can find muslins in any shop that sells textiles for babies: blankets, sleeping bags, bed linen, etc.

We are talking about neighbourhood shops, specialised shops, department stores, and online shops.

If you are looking for variety and good prices, take a look at the online shops. You are sure to find what you are looking for. I usually opt for Amazon, mainly because I find variety, good prices (usually the best) and outstanding customer service.

With Amazon, if you receive the muslin you are not convinced, or it doesn’t meet your expectations, you return it. Without having to explain, quickly and easily and, of course, free of charge!

Types of muslin

Baby muslins are usually made of organic or conventional cotton, although muslins combining cotton and bamboo fibres have also become more widespread in recent years.

How to choose the right muslin for you?

When buying a muslin for your baby, it is important to bear the following in mind:

  • Cotton muslins are warmer than bamboo muslins and are more durable.
  • Bamboo muslin is even softer than cotton muslin, making it more suitable for summer or babies with sensitive skin.
  • You can choose between plain or printed muslins.
  • You can opt for organic crops (more ecological but more expensive) or those from conventional crops among the muslins.
  • The largest ones measure 120 x 120 cm, but they are also available in other sizes, such as 30 x 30 cm, 70 x 70 cm or 90 x 100 cm. The larger ones are perfect for swaddling your baby.
  • Some muslins combine cotton and bamboo fibres, so they have the best of both. On the one hand, the strength and durability of cotton and. On the other hand, the softness and freshness of bamboo.

What is the best baby muslin?

There is no such thing as the best baby muslin, but rather the most suitable one for you and your baby. And I say suitable because it is normal to have more than one. We are talking about a garment in permanent contact with the baby, so keeping it clean for more than 24 hours is not easy. Bearing this in mind, what less than having two so that, when one gets stained, you can replace it with the other.

Anyway, to make it easier for you, I have prepared a comparison table (I update it frequently) with a selection of what I consider to be the best muslins. I have based it on both my own experience and that of other parents.

The CuddleBug Muslin is sold in packs of 4 muslins of 120 x 120 cm and is made of conventional cotton. There are currently five packs available, each with a different design: jungle animals, colourful animals, stars, stripes and polka dots and fruits.

This muslin is quite soft, although not in all models. The grey ones are less soft, so keep this in mind when buying a baby with sensitive skin.

Also, the quality is quite good as, after many uses and washes, there are no pilling, fuzziness, fraying or anything like that.

If one thing makes the CuddleBug muslin stand out, it is its excellent quantity-quality-price ratio.

The LifeTree muslin is a 120 x 120 cm muslin sold individually. It is made of bamboo fibre (70%) and cotton fibre (30%), which gives it good flexibility and durability.

It is available in different designs. For example, it has designs with natural motifs such as feathers or dandelions (plant) and designs with animals such as dinosaurs, flamingos, and zebras. There is also one with cars.

Its bamboo fibres make it a very soft muslin, so it is ideal for babies with sensitive skin. The only thing is that, as the fabric is so soft, it is slippery, and the baby’s hands are easily pulled out when swaddled.

Many buyers have praised the excellent value for money of the LifeTree muslin.

By the way, although it is usually sold individually, there are also some packs of two, which will be a little cheaper than if you buy two muslins separately.

The Momcozy muslin is sold in packs of 4 muslins of 120 x 120 cm. It is made of bamboo fibre (70%) and cotton fibre (30%) from organic farming, making it environmentally friendly. This combination gives it good flexibility and durability.

Each of the muslins included in the pack has a different design: plain white, waves, giraffes and stars.

They are quite soft muslins, although there are softer ones, however, at a higher price.

The Softan muslin is sold in packs of 4 muslins of 120 x 120 cm. It is made of bamboo fibre (70%) and cotton fibre (30%), which gives it good flexibility and durability.

There are currently two packs of 4 muslins available. One of the packs has muslins with plant and animal motifs, while the other pack only has animal motifs.

Many of those who have bought the muslin has remarked on its softness and good quality.

The JulyPanny MichaeLLL Muslin is sold in packs of 2 muslins of 120 x 120 cm. It is made of bamboo fibre and cotton fibre (70% – 30% respectively), which gives it good flexibility and durability.

There are currently three packs available. One pack has muslins with foxes and whales, another has giraffes and deer, and the third has feathers and unicorns.

Many of the purchasers have remarked on the softness of this muslin.

Which one do I choose?

The truth is that they are all good options. Choosing one or the other will depend, above all, on the type of skin your baby has, your budget and your taste in design. That’s why, on this occasion, I’m not going to recommend one in particular. Choose the one that suits you best – you’re spoilt for choice!

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