What to do if your baby hates riding in a car seat?

What to do if your baby hates riding in a car seat?

We have all heard the advice to take your baby on a car trip if they are having trouble falling asleep. Going for a walk is supposed to calm your baby. But what if it has the opposite effect, and her son hates car rides?

If your baby is happy before going for a walk, the first step is to determine what is bothering the little one.

If your seat is installed in the vehicle, remove it and test it indoors. Please put your child in the same clothes they normally wear to get out of the house. If it’s cold outside and your baby will be in a coat, mittens, and shoes, put them on first. Make sure your child is awake but calm. Put your baby in the seat and tighten the harness as you normally would. Keep your child sitting for a few minutes.

How did it go? If your child was pleased, you could rule out the car seat as the problem.

If your baby is happy in the seat but not in the car, here are some things to look for and change:

  • As we know, sometimes Radio or road noise is unpleasant. And Some road noises and music may be unpleasant for your little one to listen to, or your car may be too quiet. Try playing a CD with nursery rhymes like Baby Einstein on your stereo. Turn up the volume quite high – louder than your normal voice voice.
  • The temperature within the automotive is hotter or colder than the house. Strive running the car for many minutes to let the heater or cooling get to the right temperature. Make certain to park outside the garage to avoid exhaust fumes. 
  • Nothing to see and entertain. If there are two adults in the car, sit next to the baby. She interacts by talking, singing, or using toys. If only you and your baby are in the car, try attaching a toy or travel mirror to the headrest facing your child. 

What about children who are upset as soon as they are in the car seat? There are several things to consider and try in this case.

  • Harness straps will make people are uncomfortable. Some car seat harnesses have padding, but some car seat does not. If we have the problem starts when the buckles are in place, and you are sure the harness is properly adjusted, give another seat a shot. 
  • Go to a store with car seats on display and try buckling your child up in a different model. If you still have a screaming kid, it can be a bit embarrassing, but it’s worth a try! 
  • The diaper is too tight. A diaper that fits comfortably while lying down may be too tight on the thighs or hips when your baby’s legs are bent in the reclined car seat. Try to loosen the diaper a bit before fastening your baby. 
  • The angle of the car seat is awkward. First, make sure the car seat is installed at the angle recommended by the manufacturer. If you use an infant seat, it may be worth upgrading to a convertible car seat a bit earlier. Try one at a store or borrow a seat from friends for a short trip. Convertible car seats tilt less than infant seats and may be more comfortable for your child. 
  • The baby has acid reflux. If your child is inconsolable whenever he is in a reclined position, the acid reflux may be causing discomfort. Consult your paediatrician for advice. 

As a parent, having a baby unhappy with car rides can be annoying and distracting while driving. I do not recommend simply waiting for your child to overgrow being upset in the car without trying anything different, thinking it is just a phase. The solution may be simple, and it could make the car rides much more enjoyable for everyone!


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