When to Start Anti-Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

When to Start Anti-Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Although pregnancy is a wonderful time, it also brings several changes, which can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. Every woman’s body slowly prepares itself during the pregnancy process and changes a lot, which means that the skin stretches more and more.

Anti Stretch Marks

Types of stretch marks

The more or less thick lines that form on the skin, giving the impression of breaks in the subcutaneous tissues, are what we know as stretch marks, and these tend to appear as the baby grows inside each woman’s body. In this case, stretch marks can appear either on the abdomen or on the breasts.

When they are formed, they have a violet or purple colour, which indicates that the dermis still has a blood supply, but once they no longer have a blood supply, they are a rather pearly tone, that is to say, whitish.

Two different types of stretch marks

– Stretch marks of distension or toque. These are the stretch marks seen in pregnant women, in obese people who have lost weight drastically and in pathologies such as nephritic syndrome or ascites. Ascites is the accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity (the membrane that lines the inside of the abdominal cavity).

– Purple or dark red purplish streaks. These striae are caused by excessive cortisol production and may be created by prolonged consumption of pharmaceutical corticosteroids. In addition, purplish stretch marks are a characteristic sign of Cushing’s syndrome or hypercortisolism, a sickness resulting from growth inside the hormone cortisol.

When to start using anti stretch mark creams?

From a physiological perspective, stretch marks result from stretching the centre and internal layers of the pores and skin because of pregnancy, puberty, rapid growth, and sudden weight gain or weight training. About 70% of pregnant women have stretch marks.

Although there is a not so low percentage of women (30%) who do not get them, it is important always to take care of the skin to avoid them if they appear. How? The first thing that must be clear is that to mitigate the discomfort and reduce all these changes in the skin, it is essential to moisturise it with some specific creams constantly.

As soon as we become pregnant, the changes we notice are minimal or even, on some occasions, non-existent. However, using anti-stretch mark creams as soon as possible is the most appropriate thing to do.

It is advisable to use anti-stretch mark creams once a day from the first week of pregnancy to the first two months of pregnancy and then, approximately in week 10, twice a day to achieve the elastic and toned skin you want. Then, your skin will prepare for all the changes that will happen if you get into the habit sooner.

When is the best time to use stretch marks cream?

Ideally, you should apply the anti-stretch mark cream as soon as you get out of the shower, as the skin is so clean that it will be absorbed more easily. But what type of cream should you use? The body of every woman is different, and therefore the type of cream used will also be different, as anti-stretch mark creams cannot be adapted to all skin types and their needs. However, the most important thing to remember that some components such as rosehip, almond oil, biostimulants and vitamin E are necessary.

Although the best option is pure vegetable oils such as olive oil, wheat germ oil, sesame oil or argan oil, the most effective way to treat, prevent and minimise stretch marks is undoubtedly pure rosehip oil. Oleaginous textures (containing oil) are perfect for practically any pregnancy, as they contain high doses of vitamin E and many other nutrients that keep the skin healthy and elastic and, in addition, their slow absorption means that they can be massaged in, providing pleasant sensations for both mother and baby.

In the beginning, the idea is to buy a small bottle of anti-stretch mark cream. Then you can test on a small part of the body. After that, you can check that it does not cause hypersensitive reactions or irritation, which is very important! For example, during pregnancy, women tend to have more allergies than women who are not pregnant. So it would help if you also started by focusing on the breasts, abdomen, arms and thighs, which tend to be the most prone to stretch marks.

Other tips to avoid stretch marks

And to hydrate our skin much more and prepare it for this great stage, we should drink much water a day, follow a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and exercise, which will also help control weight gain during pregnancy. It is necessary to keep a close eye on your weight during pregnancy, As one of the maximum not unusual place reasons of stretch marks in the course of this degree is unexpected weight gain. In addition, if we tone our body with gentle exercise such as yoga or Pilates, the likelihood of stretch marks will also be lower.

The whole problem of stretch marks is quite complex because it depends upon plenty on genetics and the kind of pores and skin you have, but what is clear is that the sooner you start using them, the better. However, before applying any anti-stretch mark cream, you should be aware that you should ask your obstetrician about the best time to start applying cosmetics.

Choosing the best and safe stretch marks cream is a great way to keep your skin looking beautiful! For more information about The Best Stretch Marks Cream for Pregnancy .

Do the best you can for yourself as a mother by using the best anti stretch mark cream available on the market. Choosing the best and  safe cream is a great way to keep your baby safe during your pregnancy, and your skin will look and feel beautiful!


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