Why do Stretch Marks Appear on the Skin?

Why do Stretch Marks Appear on the Skin?

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Why do Stretch Marks Appear on the Skin?

When a region of the body expands rapidly, the collagen and elastin fibres break down. They lose their original structure, and the result of this process is scarring, which we know as stretch marks. This effect is characteristic of weight gain, pregnancy and the process of hypertrophy.

Stretch mark cream reorganises the broken fibres and improves the appearance of these scars. However, it is most effective when the marks are reddish or purple. White stretch marks are already “cured” from the inflammatory process, and a more elaborate treatment is needed to make them disappear.

How to choose the best stretch mark cream

Anyone looking for a stretch mark cream has a common goal: to combat the dreaded scars. You need to choose the best cream, according to your need, the product’s formula to achieve results. Here are some tips to help you.

Do you need to treat existing stretch marks? Go for Stretch Mark Reducing Creams
A stretch mark cream can work in two ways: preventing new marks and treating and reducing existing marks. The purpose of most products is to provide these two benefits simultaneously, but some of them only prevent or only treat.

People who have many stretch marks on their bodies may prefer a treatment cream. In pregnancy, it is natural for a woman to aim to prevent the appearance of these marks. In general, creams with this dual function are practical and provide more than one benefit simultaneously.

Look for formulas with ingredients such as glycolic acid and rosehip oil.

A stretch mark cream combines several powerful agents in its formula to combat stretch marks. Some of them stand out for bringing more noticeable results. It is worth checking the presence of these agents in the formulations, so we list the most common ones:

Retinoic acid improves the quality of collagen, increases its natural production and promotes cell renewal. It reduces the length and thickness of stretch marks, improves the skin’s appearance, and makes it firmer.
Glycolic acid removes layers of dead skin to a healthier level and is less marked by stretch marks. As a chemical exfoliant, it may be too strong for sensitive skin.
Rosehip oil: rich in fatty acids, it stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin. In addition, it also promotes skin hydration.
Vitamin E: deeply moisturises the skin and makes it more elastic, preventing the appearance of new stretch marks. It also prevents skin ageing.

Other important ingredients such as Asian spark, camelina oil, almond oil and urea are recurrent in stretch mark creams. It is also natural for the formula to have more than one of these agents to enhance results.

Cream, Oil or Gel: Choose according to your skin and preference

Stretch mark creams come in three different textures: cream, oil and gel. It is important to say that none of them is more effective than the other. You can orient your choice according to your skin type. Dry skin, for example, may benefit more from creams and oil products.

Another point to consider is your personal preference. Many people prefer anti-stretch mark gels not to weigh down the skin and make the routine easier, especially when putting on clothes. The oil helps to massage the affected area.

Pregnant women: choose a cream for stretch marks in pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is important to be concerned about the products used by the mother. They can seriously and permanently affect the baby, especially when it is a product of continuous use. Urea appears in several stretch mark creams, but it can cause malformations in the foetus.

Nowadays, there are already several products and lines dedicated to treating stretch marks in pregnant women, as this is a common problem in this phase. If the product is not intended for this purpose, it is best to seek medical advice.

Investing in a larger product may be more advantageous.

Many stretch mark creams can cost upwards of 45 euros for a few grams or ml. Although they are high-quality products, the stretch mark cream is usually a continuous use product. That means that you will only notice results after a few weeks of use.

In this case, it may be advantageous to invest in a cheaper option that guarantees more products. That will depend on your need. Those who need to treat small, discreet marks may benefit from a more expensive option for a longer period. Understand what is most advantageous for you.

Bonus tip: don’t forgo sunscreen when using acid creams.

Some anti-stretch mark creams contain acids in their formula. Depending on the concentration, the skin can become more sensitive and exposed, especially to the sun. Therefore, if you go to the beach during treatment with the cream, never forgo sun protection.

Remember that not all brands indicate the need to use sunscreen during the treatment of stretch marks. However, it never hurts to avoid problems by taking extra care of your skin. If in doubt, consult your dermatologist.

There are various stretch mark creams, each with its formula, active ingredients and textures. The duration of action of these products may vary, but it is important to use them continuously, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Only then is it possible to guarantee results?

Did you find the ideal stretch mark cream for you in our ranking? So be sure to check it out in the major shops and guarantee your treatment! Enjoy and get to know other tips from the Beauty & Health category too!

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